Teaching Phonics In Fun And Effective Ways

teaching phonics graphicteaching phonics

There are two parts to learning to read. One is the visual part ( learning the letters, learning to read words ). The other is the auditory part ( hearing the sounds ). Phonics is putting these two parts together.

In teaching phonics, the first step is when a child connects a letter with a sound. Alhamdulillah, Adam dah kenal sound of letter. It builds from there to the point when a child can read words, then sentences and so forth.
As children move beyond the stage of one letter and one sound into reading and writing words, it is critical for them to learn two skills.
  1. Blending- Taking individual sounds and putting them together into a word. Yang ini, mama still work on. Masih kurang jelas, sama ada cara mama mengajar betul atau tidak. 
  2. Segmenting- Taking a word and breaking it apart into individual sounds. Tahap ini, belum lagi.
Important things about teaching phonics
  • Teach each skill orally before you teach it with the letters.  For example, teach the child to blend sounds together orally by saying the sounds and then put them together into a word.  Then teach the same skill with written letters.
  • Make sure the steps are very small and doable for the child.  If your child really struggles to move to the next step, you can break it down into smaller steps.
  • Model and practice.  Don’t worry about speed when you’re teaching a new skill, but after the child is comfortable with the skill, then work on speed and fluency.

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