Manja terlebih

Adam dah terlebih manja. Dunno la sapa yang manjakan dia. Tapi dia memang manja. This week, nampaknya he has new words...
  • nak
Last weekend, tiba2 Adam menjerit " Duck! Duck! Duck! " bila nampak Donald Duck on tv. Mama thought, dia cuma akan recognize real duck, instead of duck yang pakai baju ni.... and I am totally wrong...

Lesson learn : never underestimated what your baby can do

Introduce colour

I am planning to introduce colour to Adam. So, from now on, I'll say a "black car" instead of "car". It maybe quite difficult for me to teach him how to recognize colour, but I'll try. Maybe we can learn one colour for one week.

I'm still thinking on how to....

As for now, here's the plan. I'll stick with one colour for one week ( he.... so teaching colour will take for months... ).

When I'm updating this post, the plan hasn't run accordingly lg. I did mention some of the obvious colour ( red and black ) of cars on the road. But I don't think he understand it yet. Or maybe mama just underestimate Adam. Who knows what a child mind can do...

black, white, red, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, etc

More of Adam's vocab

This week Adam demam panas. So, we're having difficult nights. He's crying all night long, maybe x sedap badan. My hubby takes us for a mid-nite ride.... maklumlah... rumah xde air-cond. Just to ensure Adam sejuk. Lepas ni kene pasang air-cond la.

Anyway, Adam has new words :

  • egg
  • flower
  • eat

Till then..... hopefully Adam cepat recover. Mama loves you....