After a loooong break

It has been a very long time ( almost 6 months ) that I didn't put some more formal education ( formal for babies.... ehehehe... ) into Adam's everyday routine. Can it be called " hangat - hangat tahi ayam " ? Nope.... there is no flash cards shown, or video played, but i still read books to him.... Not 3 time a day as recommended... but a few times in a week. OK la.... dari xde langsung.

More of his vocab :
  • lion
  • rabbit
  • dog
  • giraffe
  • fish
  • chair
  • table
  • open
  • milk
  • plain water
  • belly button
  • ball
  • ballon
My target is to get my son to know 300 words before he turn 3, plus teaching him to recite Al-Quran ( I myself also have to learn a lot - we'll learn together, InsyaAllah ).

So, looking from the word list.... a long way to go.... very far....
WORK HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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