After a loooong break

It has been a very long time ( almost 6 months ) that I didn't put some more formal education ( formal for babies.... ehehehe... ) into Adam's everyday routine. Can it be called " hangat - hangat tahi ayam " ? Nope.... there is no flash cards shown, or video played, but i still read books to him.... Not 3 time a day as recommended... but a few times in a week. OK la.... dari xde langsung.

More of his vocab :
  • lion
  • rabbit
  • dog
  • giraffe
  • fish
  • chair
  • table
  • open
  • milk
  • plain water
  • belly button
  • ball
  • ballon
My target is to get my son to know 300 words before he turn 3, plus teaching him to recite Al-Quran ( I myself also have to learn a lot - we'll learn together, InsyaAllah ).

So, looking from the word list.... a long way to go.... very far....
WORK HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

More new vocab

I didn't realize when did this word came out from his mouth... maybe because Adam is pelat sikit... but now, the word is really clear. "TAKE". Hehe... while he was playing with his ball, he'll ask me... "Take.... take..." to pass the ball to him. Hm... sound great.

More vocab to his vocabulary list.
  • Bus
  • Lorry
  • Walk
  • Up your hand
  • Clever boy
Hopefully, after this, I can really help him to enrich his vocab.

Lama x update.... | Baby Suka Buku

Since his first steps, Adam x berapa nak bergerak lagi. Maybe because mama dia pun dua kali lima malas nak exercise kan dia.

But i do discover this.... Adam really loves books. Dia rajin nk study. Every night, dia akan bawa buku favourite dia .... story time!!! Ala-ala bedtime stories. Nak kata sebagai read-aloud session pun boleh kot.

Letih juga melayan... but i'm happy. Hopefully minat dia akan terus berputik towards books and knowledge. Sabar ye Adam, nanti mama belikan more books for you.

I ask his teacher. Dia kata Adam minat belajar. Hehe. Good news.
Now, kite tgk... ada x new words yang Adam tau.

  • car
  • tree
these two words mmg famous... i heard it everyday. ye la... dalam kereta, cars and trees everywhere!
  • duck
  • bear
  • fan
  • kakak
yang ni, kite akan dengar during play time or story telling time.
  • up your hand
he'll raise up his hand quickly ;)

cuma pasal body parts... i've always teach his about his body part, but i don't know if he really understand it - untested yet. Should put those words into a game play.

  • nose
this one, he knows.....

cute sangat nampak gigi dua batang