Field Trip - 2nd visit to the ZOO

Last Sunday, we bring Adam to Zoo Negara. I thought the child would be very excited to see all the animals. Things didn't turn out as we plan. Adam was sleepy .... so, he wasn't excited at all. Ohhh..... At the exit gate, we realize that the baby was actually sleeping!
Kesian...... and that night, Adam demam.... quite hot.... maybe because of the hot weather masa g Zoo.

1st year celebration

Adam's birthday jatuh on 14 julai. But it's Tuesday... so, we postponed the celebration on Sunday, 19 july. Wahhh... baby happy giler... buka mata je, tgk ada banyak belon. X sia2 mama keluar beli barang etc the day before.

At first, kami plan nak wat barbeque.... ye la... first celebration. But then, pk punya pk... it's quite costly.... for ballons and other accesorries, dh almost hundred. Cake.. nearly hundred. Then utk barbeque.... ayam, udang, ketam and sotong..., my mum estimate dalam 3 hundred. Makkk aii.... almost rm 600. Not that we are kedekut, but i have other priorities that time =)

So, i switch to other plan.... masak nasi ayam, beli 2 ekor ayam golek, cake and satay.

.... and pergh.... sedap!!!! WOW! Till now my hubby keep saying that the nasi ayam was damn delicious. Puas hati :)

Makan sedap dan semua bergembira.


Last week Adam dah setahun, so we change from step 2 anmum to step 3 anmum. Naik rashes yang x terkata all over the body. At first, i wasn't really sure yg susu is the cause. Sbb, Adam demam masa tuh ( demam lagi.... ). So, mama ingat sbb ubat, coz Adam kan dah minum anmum since baby.....

Ohh, now i recall.... masa Adam change to step 2, mmg ada banyak rashes keluar.... tapi, doc kata heat rashes.... dia macam campak.... kesian baby..... campak tu sekejap ajer.... yg lama tu... elergy la kan....

Yg lebih teruk lagi, cirit - birit!!!! Ohhh baby, kesiannya.... tadi mama g pharmacy. Dia suggest Novalac AD utk sementara cirit - birit. Tapi, x de stok.... so, mama ke carrefour... x de juga... then mama try my luck ke Manjaku. No luck... xde jugak....

Last resort, mama beli Isomil Eye-Q. Tapi, mama tgh pk2 la... susu apa nk bagi adam...

Update from last wish list of words...

Oppsss... tomorrow genap la 7 days from my last wish list of words to teach Adam. Apa resultnya? The result is, i did nothing. Very busy and lazy during the weekends, and during the weekdays, Adam goes to sleep as early as 8 pm. Huh? So, nothing much to do.... but here is the report.

From the list :
  • sit down
  • stand up
  • sleeping
  • wake up
  • thank you
  • welcome
  • doa
Adam now knows to tadah tangan during doa makan. Hehehe.... tapi, belum habis mama recite my doa, dia dh start makan ;P

For sit down, stand up, thank you - i use the words every day. Don't know whether he understands it yet.

For sleeping, wake up and welcome - i never use the words yet. Hurry up mama..... hurry up... more words to teach la.

Haaa..... new words that Adam knows :

  • biscuits
whenever mama asks " Adam, do you want some biscuits ? " , automatically he'll raise up his hand and says hmm hmm.... and sometimes, he'll asking for some, without me offering first. Pandai anak mama...

  • cat
Adam dah kenal cat. Nampak cat, dia actually pronounce it correctly " CAT " with the "T".

  • Adam
when we ask, " Siapa nama Adam? ", dia angkat tangan!!!! Yeay!!!

Although some babies can talk already at this age, i still think my baby is great. Slow and steady boy.... then we'll work out together to reach the top.

A wish list of words.....

I'm hoping to start my class with Adam right away. Suppose to be yesterday, but my boy did fall assleep very early. At 8.00 pm! So, we didn't start our class yet. In the morning, its quite a rushing time for me. That was the time for me to do some house cleaning ( since i'm too tired to do it at night ).

After all, no excused should be thrown. Hahaha.... when there is a will, there will always be ways to do it. Gambate mom!!!

Here are some words that i wish to teach my boy for this week.

  • sit down
  • stand up
  • sleeping
  • wake up
  • thank you
  • welcome
  • doa
I was hoping that Adam will understand these words in 7 days time, before i keep adding more words to his vocabulary. Love you baby!!