A healthy wealthy baby

In a few days time, Adam will turn to 1!!!! Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to you.... Since Adam selalu get sick, our night class pun tergendala.... opss.... almost 2 months ( mama malas la tuhhh ). Ok la baby, since baby dah sihat, mama akan start balik class kite.
Ok, lets recap....
sign :
  • give me five
  • give me ten
  • bye bye
  • hello - phone call
words :
  • Show me the fan
  • tv
  • clap your hand
  • salam
  • switch on the fan
  • switch on the light
  • wash your hand
  • hello
  • come here
  • no!
hmm... looks like mama needs to work hard... Adam can really learn very fast, it's just a matter of to teach him or not.

tajuk healthy. tapi pic ni time demam :(


  1. bulatnya adam...so berbeza dari sekarang hahaha

    1. hihihi.... belum tgk pic masa kurang setahun lagi :)