A healthy wealthy baby

In a few days time, Adam will turn to 1!!!! Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to you.... Since Adam selalu get sick, our night class pun tergendala.... opss.... almost 2 months ( mama malas la tuhhh ). Ok la baby, since baby dah sihat, mama akan start balik class kite.
Ok, lets recap....
sign :
  • give me five
  • give me ten
  • bye bye
  • hello - phone call
words :
  • Show me the fan
  • tv
  • clap your hand
  • salam
  • switch on the fan
  • switch on the light
  • wash your hand
  • hello
  • come here
  • no!
hmm... looks like mama needs to work hard... Adam can really learn very fast, it's just a matter of to teach him or not.

tajuk healthy. tapi pic ni time demam :(

Adam @ 11 months

It has been loooong since my last entry. Adam turns 11 da.... a big mommy boy now. So, at 11, apa yang Adam tahu?

Well, my baby can't talk yet.. not at the moment. But sometimes I can hear he called me... " Mama ". Hehe.... sorry baby.. mama can't remember the exact date.... The most frequent sound tht i can hear now is the "hmmm hmmm" ( beside mama la kan.. ). Jari telunjuk is busy almost every time... pointing here and there. He can understand a few words... such as "fan", "tv", "clap your hand", "hoorey!!!", "salam", "switch on the fan", "switch on the light". A few sign "give me 5", "give me 10".I do praise him a lot when he do something .... like "good boy" or "clever boy". Don't know whether the boy understand, but i think he know that it is something good... he'll keep smiling if i praise him.

One good thing, Adam pandai kemas... heheh... he has A LOT of toys kat rumah, 2 boxes. He is keep practicing keeping back his toys after playtime... wahhhh!!! Not all la kan, tapi, mama mmg happy.... tq baby