A long way to go

Kelas Adam dah lama terbengkalai.... but here the little 'slow' update.
  • Delicious
  • butterfly
  • apple
  • carrot
  • sewing machine
  • take bath
  • open the door
  • close the door
  • red
  • yellow
  • blue
Sound of letter class
  • /k/ for C
  • /ae/ for A
  • /t/ for T
Adam dah start pegang pencil. I gave him a box of pencil colour... and the response... wallah!!!

Seminar Pusat Tahfiz Darul Hafidziin

Last Saturday, I pergi la to a seminar.... anjuran Pusat Tahfiz. Heee.... on child's brain development. Sampai sana, i was the only one yang datang dengan t'shirt and slack ( thank God i didn't wear jeans masa tu ).

I always want my boy to be able to recite and khatam Quran before enrolling in primary school. It's normal for a mom to wish for the best for her children.

So, Pusat Tahfiz ni nama dia Darul Hafidziin ( if not mistaken... ). Private school macam Al-Amin la kot... 7.30 am to 5.00 pm. 6 tahun - 12 tahun.

Fees dia RM300 per month ( full time ) and RM170 ( part-time ). X sempat nk tanya apa beza full and part time tu...

Manja terlebih

Adam dah terlebih manja. Dunno la sapa yang manjakan dia. Tapi dia memang manja. This week, nampaknya he has new words...
  • nak
Last weekend, tiba2 Adam menjerit " Duck! Duck! Duck! " bila nampak Donald Duck on tv. Mama thought, dia cuma akan recognize real duck, instead of duck yang pakai baju ni.... and I am totally wrong...

Lesson learn : never underestimated what your baby can do

Introduce colour

I am planning to introduce colour to Adam. So, from now on, I'll say a "black car" instead of "car". It maybe quite difficult for me to teach him how to recognize colour, but I'll try. Maybe we can learn one colour for one week.

I'm still thinking on how to....

As for now, here's the plan. I'll stick with one colour for one week ( he.... so teaching colour will take for months... ).

When I'm updating this post, the plan hasn't run accordingly lg. I did mention some of the obvious colour ( red and black ) of cars on the road. But I don't think he understand it yet. Or maybe mama just underestimate Adam. Who knows what a child mind can do...

black, white, red, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, etc

More of Adam's vocab

This week Adam demam panas. So, we're having difficult nights. He's crying all night long, maybe x sedap badan. My hubby takes us for a mid-nite ride.... maklumlah... rumah xde air-cond. Just to ensure Adam sejuk. Lepas ni kene pasang air-cond la.

Anyway, Adam has new words :

  • egg
  • flower
  • eat

Till then..... hopefully Adam cepat recover. Mama loves you....

After a loooong break

It has been a very long time ( almost 6 months ) that I didn't put some more formal education ( formal for babies.... ehehehe... ) into Adam's everyday routine. Can it be called " hangat - hangat tahi ayam " ? Nope.... there is no flash cards shown, or video played, but i still read books to him.... Not 3 time a day as recommended... but a few times in a week. OK la.... dari xde langsung.

More of his vocab :
  • lion
  • rabbit
  • dog
  • giraffe
  • fish
  • chair
  • table
  • open
  • milk
  • plain water
  • belly button
  • ball
  • ballon
My target is to get my son to know 300 words before he turn 3, plus teaching him to recite Al-Quran ( I myself also have to learn a lot - we'll learn together, InsyaAllah ).

So, looking from the word list.... a long way to go.... very far....
WORK HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

More new vocab

I didn't realize when did this word came out from his mouth... maybe because Adam is pelat sikit... but now, the word is really clear. "TAKE". Hehe... while he was playing with his ball, he'll ask me... "Take.... take..." to pass the ball to him. Hm... sound great.

More vocab to his vocabulary list.
  • Bus
  • Lorry
  • Walk
  • Up your hand
  • Clever boy
Hopefully, after this, I can really help him to enrich his vocab.

Lama x update.... | Baby Suka Buku

Since his first steps, Adam x berapa nak bergerak lagi. Maybe because mama dia pun dua kali lima malas nak exercise kan dia.

But i do discover this.... Adam really loves books. Dia rajin nk study. Every night, dia akan bawa buku favourite dia .... story time!!! Ala-ala bedtime stories. Nak kata sebagai read-aloud session pun boleh kot.

Letih juga melayan... but i'm happy. Hopefully minat dia akan terus berputik towards books and knowledge. Sabar ye Adam, nanti mama belikan more books for you.

I ask his teacher. Dia kata Adam minat belajar. Hehe. Good news.
Now, kite tgk... ada x new words yang Adam tau.

  • car
  • tree
these two words mmg famous... i heard it everyday. ye la... dalam kereta, cars and trees everywhere!
  • duck
  • bear
  • fan
  • kakak
yang ni, kite akan dengar during play time or story telling time.
  • up your hand
he'll raise up his hand quickly ;)

cuma pasal body parts... i've always teach his about his body part, but i don't know if he really understand it - untested yet. Should put those words into a game play.

  • nose
this one, he knows.....

cute sangat nampak gigi dua batang

First Steps

Semalam, Adam dah mulakan his first steps. He can actually stand up ( mama will claps my hand ... hehe moral support ), then slowly ( ye ke??? rasanya x... ) dia angkat kaki... ada la dalam 4 - 5 langkah.

Santai Di Kolam

We bring our little one to the pool yesterday. Seronok. The water baby memangg enjoy main air. Heee...

Field Trip - 2nd visit to the ZOO

Last Sunday, we bring Adam to Zoo Negara. I thought the child would be very excited to see all the animals. Things didn't turn out as we plan. Adam was sleepy .... so, he wasn't excited at all. Ohhh..... At the exit gate, we realize that the baby was actually sleeping!
Kesian...... and that night, Adam demam.... quite hot.... maybe because of the hot weather masa g Zoo.

1st year celebration

Adam's birthday jatuh on 14 julai. But it's Tuesday... so, we postponed the celebration on Sunday, 19 july. Wahhh... baby happy giler... buka mata je, tgk ada banyak belon. X sia2 mama keluar beli barang etc the day before.

At first, kami plan nak wat barbeque.... ye la... first celebration. But then, pk punya pk... it's quite costly.... for ballons and other accesorries, dh almost hundred. Cake.. nearly hundred. Then utk barbeque.... ayam, udang, ketam and sotong..., my mum estimate dalam 3 hundred. Makkk aii.... almost rm 600. Not that we are kedekut, but i have other priorities that time =)

So, i switch to other plan.... masak nasi ayam, beli 2 ekor ayam golek, cake and satay.

.... and pergh.... sedap!!!! WOW! Till now my hubby keep saying that the nasi ayam was damn delicious. Puas hati :)

Makan sedap dan semua bergembira.


Last week Adam dah setahun, so we change from step 2 anmum to step 3 anmum. Naik rashes yang x terkata all over the body. At first, i wasn't really sure yg susu is the cause. Sbb, Adam demam masa tuh ( demam lagi.... ). So, mama ingat sbb ubat, coz Adam kan dah minum anmum since baby.....

Ohh, now i recall.... masa Adam change to step 2, mmg ada banyak rashes keluar.... tapi, doc kata heat rashes.... dia macam campak.... kesian baby..... campak tu sekejap ajer.... yg lama tu... elergy la kan....

Yg lebih teruk lagi, cirit - birit!!!! Ohhh baby, kesiannya.... tadi mama g pharmacy. Dia suggest Novalac AD utk sementara cirit - birit. Tapi, x de stok.... so, mama ke carrefour... x de juga... then mama try my luck ke Manjaku. No luck... xde jugak....

Last resort, mama beli Isomil Eye-Q. Tapi, mama tgh pk2 la... susu apa nk bagi adam...

Update from last wish list of words...

Oppsss... tomorrow genap la 7 days from my last wish list of words to teach Adam. Apa resultnya? The result is, i did nothing. Very busy and lazy during the weekends, and during the weekdays, Adam goes to sleep as early as 8 pm. Huh? So, nothing much to do.... but here is the report.

From the list :
  • sit down
  • stand up
  • sleeping
  • wake up
  • thank you
  • welcome
  • doa
Adam now knows to tadah tangan during doa makan. Hehehe.... tapi, belum habis mama recite my doa, dia dh start makan ;P

For sit down, stand up, thank you - i use the words every day. Don't know whether he understands it yet.

For sleeping, wake up and welcome - i never use the words yet. Hurry up mama..... hurry up... more words to teach la.

Haaa..... new words that Adam knows :

  • biscuits
whenever mama asks " Adam, do you want some biscuits ? " , automatically he'll raise up his hand and says hmm hmm.... and sometimes, he'll asking for some, without me offering first. Pandai anak mama...

  • cat
Adam dah kenal cat. Nampak cat, dia actually pronounce it correctly " CAT " with the "T".

  • Adam
when we ask, " Siapa nama Adam? ", dia angkat tangan!!!! Yeay!!!

Although some babies can talk already at this age, i still think my baby is great. Slow and steady boy.... then we'll work out together to reach the top.

A wish list of words.....

I'm hoping to start my class with Adam right away. Suppose to be yesterday, but my boy did fall assleep very early. At 8.00 pm! So, we didn't start our class yet. In the morning, its quite a rushing time for me. That was the time for me to do some house cleaning ( since i'm too tired to do it at night ).

After all, no excused should be thrown. Hahaha.... when there is a will, there will always be ways to do it. Gambate mom!!!

Here are some words that i wish to teach my boy for this week.

  • sit down
  • stand up
  • sleeping
  • wake up
  • thank you
  • welcome
  • doa
I was hoping that Adam will understand these words in 7 days time, before i keep adding more words to his vocabulary. Love you baby!!

A healthy wealthy baby

In a few days time, Adam will turn to 1!!!! Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to you.... Since Adam selalu get sick, our night class pun tergendala.... opss.... almost 2 months ( mama malas la tuhhh ). Ok la baby, since baby dah sihat, mama akan start balik class kite.
Ok, lets recap....
sign :
  • give me five
  • give me ten
  • bye bye
  • hello - phone call
words :
  • Show me the fan
  • tv
  • clap your hand
  • salam
  • switch on the fan
  • switch on the light
  • wash your hand
  • hello
  • come here
  • no!
hmm... looks like mama needs to work hard... Adam can really learn very fast, it's just a matter of to teach him or not.

tajuk healthy. tapi pic ni time demam :(

Adam @ 11 months

It has been loooong since my last entry. Adam turns 11 da.... a big mommy boy now. So, at 11, apa yang Adam tahu?

Well, my baby can't talk yet.. not at the moment. But sometimes I can hear he called me... " Mama ". Hehe.... sorry baby.. mama can't remember the exact date.... The most frequent sound tht i can hear now is the "hmmm hmmm" ( beside mama la kan.. ). Jari telunjuk is busy almost every time... pointing here and there. He can understand a few words... such as "fan", "tv", "clap your hand", "hoorey!!!", "salam", "switch on the fan", "switch on the light". A few sign "give me 5", "give me 10".I do praise him a lot when he do something .... like "good boy" or "clever boy". Don't know whether the boy understand, but i think he know that it is something good... he'll keep smiling if i praise him.

One good thing, Adam pandai kemas... heheh... he has A LOT of toys kat rumah, 2 boxes. He is keep practicing keeping back his toys after playtime... wahhhh!!! Not all la kan, tapi, mama mmg happy.... tq baby

First doc review

Yesterday, ada review kt nursery. Review ngan Dr Zaza, Kak Su and Cikgu Ita ( opsss... ye ka? ). Dia review dari segi physical development, health, nutrision, etc etc. Masa review ni, Adam 10 bulan.

Here are the results :

From the teacher

1. Adam anak yang sangat manja.
Yes, i guess so. When i'm with him ( no other babies to compare ), mmg x notice. I know he is
manja.... but not that manja. But, when we go back to my hubby hometown last month, i did
notice this. Compare to his twin cousin, hmmm.... Adam act like a little baby... not in term of
size etc, but more on his personality.

2. Adam lemah lembut.
True, we treat Adam very gentle. To have a nice, x byk kerenah baby, x kan nk keras2 ?

3. Very friendly.
True, he can be with anybody. Not selective at all.

4. X memilih makanan.
Very true. He'll eat whatever u served.

5. Selalu batuk tapi x berterusan.
Uhuk2, betul juga.... Kesian my boy.

6. Dah boleh response kepada satu & dua perkataan :
  • - Adam - of course la kan.... nama dia...
  • - makan
  • - susu
  • - bye
  • - mandi

7. Boleh focus.

From Dr. Zaza :

1. Patut dah merangkak. Tapi belum, coz Adam kurang balancing...
Suggesstion : kene banyakkan physical exercise. Ok, Adam, I'll help u my baby... kite exercise

2. For his sensitive skin, doc suggest Scot Emulsion. If this didn't work, then maybe Adam patut
tukar susu

3. Avoid using walker.
Hmm.... now i know why.

4. For his intelectual, doc suggest more interaction & game play with Adam... flashcard also.

5. Doc suggest utk merangkak depan Adam. To show him how to....
Ok baby, let's do it!

Ini dari mama....

1. Adam senang dijaga, x byk kerenah. Pandai bermanja even with stranger.

2. Suka disentuh.

3. Kuat bermain. Xnk tido.
Doc kata sbb mainan Adam byk sgt.... therefore xnk tido.

4. He can respond to a few words such as clap, hi 5, bye - bye, wall.

10 Month baby....

My 10 month baby still x merangkak lagi.... although dia dh lift up his back for ages ( huh... that long !!! ). Hm... kat mana salah nya? Well, mama need to learn more about babies. There should be something that i can do to help him.


Ada 2 gigi? Opsss... no wonder la his mouth keeps watering.... meleleh air liur.

School baru....

Dulu, kata satisfied kan??? Tapi, tuhan je tau... betapa x puas hatinya mama hantar Adam to tht school.

Starting this month, mama hantar Adam to school baru..... Raniya. As for now, mama rasa cam ok jer. Cuma, i'll hunting for more la.... nak hantar ke school yg bagus2 la kan.....

bulatnya mata...

p/s :sedih dengan kualiti gambar. huuuu

Baby comel

Skrg ni, time fetch Adam kt nursery, budak2 situ akan kata " Mama Adam comel dh sampai ". Maksud diorang is, mama kepada Adam yg comel dh sampai... Tapi otak mama digest ayat tu as " Mama Adam comel ... ". Uhuk uhuk uhuk.... perasan ;p

Layan video ni.... masa 7 bulan.

Field Trip - To The Zoo

Picture taken somewhere in oct 08. Masa ni gi zoo. Tapi utk 2 babies ni, nothing much to see... duduk diam2 dlm stroller :D


Last night, we all g tesco... walaupun redah heavy traffic ( thaipusam... ). The mission is to buy something healthy for Adam. So, here are the list :
- an apple ( red apple, one... only one, as mama & papa don't like apple )
- papaya
- carrot
- mixed vege
so, for this week... inilah menu2 untuk Adam.

Angkat punggung

Hm... baby still demam lg, tapi semalam mama nampak dia giat angkat punggung. Heheh... nak merangkak ke?

Ops lupa, Adam bawa bekal bubur nasi + mixed vege arini :)
Hopefully he'll like it!

Bubur carrot semalam, Adam suka :D

*gambar ni, masa x demam

Tepuk tangan and joget???

Last two weeks, Adam dah pandai tepuk tangan. Whenever mama nyanyi pok amai - amai, Adam will start clapping his hands. Wow!!!

Ini pasal joget pulak :D
Mama used to dance ( free dancing, mama mana tau joget ) in front of Adam. Usually, Adam terlentang tengok. Dia ikut menari sekali dengan hand movements yg ke kiri ke kanan. But, last two days, Papa dirikan Adam time mama menari.... and .... Adam menari sama! Kaki dia ke kiri ke kanan, ke depan ke belakang, badan goyang - goyang.... hehehe....

Nampaknya lepas ni, mama dah ada couple utk joget time!!!

Opss.... lupa plak.... Adam masa 6 months cuma 8.3 kg... 300 gram je naik.... maybe badan susut coz asyik2 demam :(

Bubur sedap

Pagi ni, time hantar Adam to nursery, Ibu tu kata, " Mama, bubur Adam semalam tu, dia suka la... boleh buat macam tu selalu ".

:D Bubur carrot + ayam.... tapi, arini mama x campur ayam since badan Adam berbintik - bintik ( campak ?? ). Tapi yang selalu mama dengar, baby mama ni, walaupun sakit ke, demam panas ke, tetap aktif..... Babysitter kata badan Adam kuat. Hopefully.....


Last night Adam demam... kesian sangat, temperature macam tinggi sangat ( I didn't measure la pulak :( ). Since 3.30 am until morning la ( mama reach nursery 7.30 am ), Adam still awake. So, mama rasa, sure Adam tido je all day kt nursery.

Bila temperature high, what i did was tuam kepala n dahi baby with air sejuk. X bogel.... but my friend advise utk bogel kan baby.... maybe next time... bogelkan baby, wearing only pampers, then balut ngan kain napkin air sejuk... hmm... i afraid temperature drop jadi demam sejuk pulak :p

Hopefully malam ni Adam ok. Mama pun rasa cam exhausted sangat ni.... huhu

Lunch Jar

Adam bawa bekal to nursery! Heheh. Menu : bubur nasi + bayam + bilis. Hmm... yummylicious. Don't know la whether cukup ke tidak.

Makan II

Nestum dah beli. Mama beli yg plain utk Adam. I bought a flusk jugak... utk isi bubur Adam ( really wish this ).

I was thinking about the menu for tomorrow. Rasanya, I'll prepare bubur nasi + bilis goreng la. Better la dari nestum tu... Nestum tu utk kegunaan time emergency aka malas. Huhuhu


Last Saturday, we feed Adam with nestum =D. First time makan!!!! I only gave him about sesudu makan.... just a bit la... sbb baru nk try, otherwise, mama takut Adam sakit perut. Mama bagi nestum bancuh dengan air sayur. The next day, tambah sikit lagi, and the taste was even better.... air sayur + bilis. Hmmm yummy... Adam makan banyak compare to the day before. Tapi still sikit la... ( Adam nak, tapi mama control ). Suppose 1 sacket, utk sekali makan. But then mama bagi 3 kali makan. Today, mama bagi 1 sacket to nursery, maybe ibu tu kasi Adam makan semua... but i think it's ok... coz kite dah training 2 hari...

If i got time today, nk kene beli nestum Adam....


Papa bought a walker utk Adam yesterday. So, we happily la put Adam in the walker. The question is, is it ok to put him there? Takut tulang belakang masih lembut etc.... but we're very eager to put him in. And .... Adam seem very happily reversing around... reversed aje, x jalan ke depan pun :D

Some of my friends said tht kalau we put our baby in the walker b4 he starts merangkak, nanti dia termiss la original punya steps.... Hm.... dilemma nih.

Pok pok pok

Pok amai - amai
belalang kupu - kupu
tepuk Adam pandai
mama upah susu
susu lemak manis
santan kelapa muda
Adam jangan nangis
mama nak wat kerja

Selalu nyanyi lagu ni utk Adam. Nampaknya dia mmg enjoy bila mama nyanyi lagu ni... siap tepuk - tepuk lagi. Of course la bukan tepuk tangan, tepuk2 tangan mama :D

Sometimes, mama nyanyi je mengarut..... asal berlagu dan Adam suka!!Yeap, I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!

It's New Year

It is 2009 now, and my mission seem to be a failure. Because of my laziness and such, I've stop my pumping session.

Years in and years out, I have a new mission for my lit boy. Story telling time. Targeted just a few very simple sentences each night. I just him to be more expose to many new vocab.

I can see now that my lit boy seem to be quite choosy now. He'll play with me happily and be more happy when papa is around. But when it's time to sleep and such, it got to be me!

The boy will soon turn 6 next week...