Time To Call The Doctor

Is it normal if your baby is crying or behaving like unusual, having some sickness like mild fever, hard cough, siap berkahak for about 2 weeks to rely ONLY on the doc's medicine? We have brought Adam to see the doctor twice, but I can't really see any improvement. Rasa sedih pun ada, kesian pun ada. Mama and papa memang tidak tidur malam :( Terasa doc tu hampeh! Hampeh, because he said there is nothing to worry about but my son is suffering!

Tomorrow, we have to see the doctor again. I really hope that nothing serious is happening inside the baby, because the symptoms gradually worsen each day. After seeing the doctor tomorrow, maybe I'll wait for a couple of days before bringing him to the hospital. Huhuuhuh :(

Harap2 Adam cepat sembuh. AMIIIIIN.

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