Last week we bring Adam to MPH, just to look around maybe there are some good books there for baby at his age. I found a few, and showed it to him.... and we turn out to buy two books, fully colour illustrated, full of pictures. His first books!

How we choose the book? We didn't! Actually Adam was the one who made the decision about the books. We just show him the book, and if he ends up to be like very excited, teruja, menggelepar and such, then we bought it. The same goes to his toys... If he doesn't like it, it would be a waste to buy. Hmmm... pandai anak mama...

His favorite toys now are 'keceng-keceng' ( bende berbunyi simply for baby ) - murah aje benda ni, but, we have to wait for about half an hour to bought it.... sebab tiada tag and tiada stock lain. And Adam tak mahu lepaskan....

Ball with bell inside.

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