Playtime baby

Adam really loves to play. Amazing, like he can play for ever! Kekadang tu, sampai penat sangat nak layan. He'll never stop, unless demam ke, sakit ke etc.

Not so much like a baby, dia memang kurang tidur. Well, malam dekat jam 1 pagi baru tidur ( baby ke tuuu ? ). So, dekat rumah, we did observe la kat Adam ni.... If he seem to be not so active, then jaga - jaga. Ada la something will happened, demam ke, kembung ke... huhuhu.

Sometimes, we don't really play with something. What we did is only talking, shouting ( he loves to shout as well ), and keep hugging each other. Kalau mama penat, then my baby will just gaze at me and wait until we make eye contact to each other. Lepas tu, with a huge sweet smiles, he can start our 'conversation' for hours ( again ). =)

My chubby little son :)

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