Time To Call The Doctor

Is it normal if your baby is crying or behaving like unusual, having some sickness like mild fever, hard cough, siap berkahak for about 2 weeks to rely ONLY on the doc's medicine? We have brought Adam to see the doctor twice, but I can't really see any improvement. Rasa sedih pun ada, kesian pun ada. Mama and papa memang tidak tidur malam :( Terasa doc tu hampeh! Hampeh, because he said there is nothing to worry about but my son is suffering!

Tomorrow, we have to see the doctor again. I really hope that nothing serious is happening inside the baby, because the symptoms gradually worsen each day. After seeing the doctor tomorrow, maybe I'll wait for a couple of days before bringing him to the hospital. Huhuuhuh :(

Harap2 Adam cepat sembuh. AMIIIIIN.

Playtime baby

Adam really loves to play. Amazing, like he can play for ever! Kekadang tu, sampai penat sangat nak layan. He'll never stop, unless demam ke, sakit ke etc.

Not so much like a baby, dia memang kurang tidur. Well, malam dekat jam 1 pagi baru tidur ( baby ke tuuu ? ). So, dekat rumah, we did observe la kat Adam ni.... If he seem to be not so active, then jaga - jaga. Ada la something will happened, demam ke, kembung ke... huhuhu.

Sometimes, we don't really play with something. What we did is only talking, shouting ( he loves to shout as well ), and keep hugging each other. Kalau mama penat, then my baby will just gaze at me and wait until we make eye contact to each other. Lepas tu, with a huge sweet smiles, he can start our 'conversation' for hours ( again ). =)

My chubby little son :)


Last week we bring Adam to MPH, just to look around maybe there are some good books there for baby at his age. I found a few, and showed it to him.... and we turn out to buy two books, fully colour illustrated, full of pictures. His first books!

How we choose the book? We didn't! Actually Adam was the one who made the decision about the books. We just show him the book, and if he ends up to be like very excited, teruja, menggelepar and such, then we bought it. The same goes to his toys... If he doesn't like it, it would be a waste to buy. Hmmm... pandai anak mama...

His favorite toys now are 'keceng-keceng' ( bende berbunyi simply for baby ) - murah aje benda ni, but, we have to wait for about half an hour to bought it.... sebab tiada tag and tiada stock lain. And Adam tak mahu lepaskan....

Ball with bell inside.


Snapshort of sleepy Adam with Miss Wabbit n friends's gift

This baby suit Adam is wearing is a gift from Miss Wabbit n friends. Sorry lol, not complete 1 suit.... tidak muat :D

Snapshort of baby Adam and Mr. Rabbit

Bought it some where in Bangsar. Loves this simple toys. So handy that my baby can hold it up thight :)

See the smiling face?

Tergolek - golek lagi :)

Now Adam can really pusing.... almost 360 degree! Hehehe... and he knows where to look for if I'm not around ( besides him ). He'll just turn and turn and turn to look after mama. And if it fails, nangis la....

Although Adam giat berpusing at home, the baby sitter told me that he never did anything except terlentang! Huhuhu.... I just wonder, is it the hanging toys that keep him like that?? Pelik... kene check nih!

Can U spot the different?

Kaki yang kurus telah menjadi tembam!

Tergolek - golek - 4 months

Adam turn 4 month today. Last week he is 7.2 kg, no wonder rasa macam I was carrying sepikul beras on my shoulder every day :)

Actually, quite sometime jugak I didn't update the blog ( as I wish to update it regularly ).

Adam can hold botol susu dia sendiri, although not very firm yet. Tapi ok la...

He can hold his toys.... and guess what, the favorite one is ..... handkerchief. Maybe because that is the easiest thing to hold. He can just play with the handkerchief before he started to cry... bored. At age of 4 months, we got to buy quite some toys as the baby can get bored easily.

But one thing for sure, pasang tv. He'll love it... especially cartoons. And I don't know whether it will harm him. I do read somewhere that early exposure to tv to much is not good to little ones. But I really don't think an hour or two in a day will make any harm to my love ones. Is it true?

Baby Adam masih belum boleh meniarap lagi.... but he has a new skill already, which is tergolek - golek. For now baru 90 degree... so now, we decided to put him in his baby court. The reason? Mama malas nk kemas tilam... hehehe...