EBM journal

My milk production dah berkurangan. It's getting less less and less everyday. Seems like I have to do something. Kesian baby. Ini padahnya when u dah mixed with formula.... dah malas nak pam. Ini azam baru...... I'll start to pump again ... and make a journal about the EBM. Kalau tak buat, rasanya tak jadi. Tunggu Adam, we'll start it all over again.... Wanna be a good mama ....

I started using formula since Adam was 2 months although I don't have milk supply problem that time. The production was good, but due to my health problem that time, I was like give up a bit. X larat.

Since my health are getting better now, so, it's time to breastfeed again. Mama try Adam, to satisfy ur need, Insya Allah.

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