EBM journal

My milk production dah berkurangan. It's getting less less and less everyday. Seems like I have to do something. Kesian baby. Ini padahnya when u dah mixed with formula.... dah malas nak pam. Ini azam baru...... I'll start to pump again ... and make a journal about the EBM. Kalau tak buat, rasanya tak jadi. Tunggu Adam, we'll start it all over again.... Wanna be a good mama ....

I started using formula since Adam was 2 months although I don't have milk supply problem that time. The production was good, but due to my health problem that time, I was like give up a bit. X larat.

Since my health are getting better now, so, it's time to breastfeed again. Mama try Adam, to satisfy ur need, Insya Allah.

New skill

I keep an eye everyday to see whether my boy has develop any new skill. Hari - hari mama observe. Hehe. And yes, dah boleh gelak2 kuat2. At first I was like a little shock, ingatkan dia x sengaja ter'giggling', so I've to keep on waiting bila the new skill will be develop. I just geletek Adam, and yes!!! Memang dia dah boleh giggle. Phewww... Syok rasa.


Adam going to the nursery, starting yesterday. I drop by during lunch hour to feed him. Kesian la jugak. Main time !!!! Other babies sibuk holding rattle, bears etc tapi Adam terlentang atas tilam, all by himself. Nasib la sayang, being the youngest yang belum boleh merangkak.... nak grap benda pun still tidak boleh lagi.

Tapi, apa pun, mama memang satisfied dengan nursery tu ( ala... baru 1st day ). Anyway, if there are other nursery yang bagus-bagus out there ( syarat : dekat, x stuck dgn traffic jam and of course within our budget ), boleh la try apply ... :)


Compare pic ni.... 1st pic masa 41 days, 2nd pic masa raya ( 2 months ).

Start keje

Start keje last Monday ... hehehe ... mama dah kurus. Yeah... dah kurus, but still ada kesan2 bersalin. Sejuk, terus demam ... so, Tuesday tu, mama stayed at home with Adam. MC lor... demam.

40 days

Weighted only 2.98 kg at birth, everyone seem to be amused to see him so bulat at his 40 days. Terperanjat sangat! Ye la, lahir kecik je. Gain almost 1.5 kg ( it's 4.5 kg now ), he seems more like a baby and much less a newborn. The little boy has loosing his bujur sireh face to a round and round and round face... hehehe. Sorry papa, but I kinda like to see my boy being montel and sihat. Comel!!!

Adam lebih responsive then before and is very active. U'll find him actually talk to U, with the baby's sound, of course, dengan peramahnya. Sangat peramah indeed. His reaction to sound pun very good. Adam will follow u'r voice tone, if it is loud, the response will be loud. If U speak with a slow romantic tone, the response will be a slow and romantic tone too... sometimes it's too slow, so U've to open u'r ears wide to hear it. Sorry Adam, mama x dapat dengar la ... As Adam seems love to listen to mama's ( very nice ) voice singing to him ( perasan ??? ), I bought a Barney's vcd for him. Boleh dia belajar sekali kan. Surprisingly, dengan cartoon characters pun dia borak! Hahaha .... baby ...

At the age of 2 months old, Adam loves to play with his baby gym. Both kaki n tangan will start kicking the hanging colourfull toys. His eyes will concentrate on the toys while kicking it. Even if we play with our hands, we can see his eyes keep following our hand movement. Seronok!!!! Sampai ada masa, juling2 mata dia ikut tangan mama gerak laju2. Cute sangggggat!