Majlis Bercukur Bayi

Majlis started in the afternoon August 23, 2008. Adam was busy sleeping and he can hardly open his eyes! Anak mama tidur gaya bebas! Masa ni, babies ( maklum la.... ada sepasang baby ) will be feed to taste a little of air zam zam and buah kurma. Being forced to open his mouth also failed. Hehe....

Here are some of anak papa's pictures. Hm.... that shirt his wearing doesn't fit anymore..... one thing I can tell, although muka dia duplicate muka papa, those big eyes are mine .... hehehe

Mana satu Adam? Adam with his twin, Hana Hasya. Adam yang kecik tu.... red pants

Nice picture eh? The fact is, Hasya is crying while Adam is laughing out loud. But it turn out to be a happy picture's :)