The process ...

I got conceived in Oct 2007 and Adam was born 9 months later in July 2008. The birth was uncomplicated. I felt really awkward at 3 am ( Sunday, 13th July ). There were some blood drop down while I was in the washroom. I didn't go to sleep as the blood continued to drop down until morning. I started to feel the contraction become quicker and harder each time ... sakit sangat-sangat. It's about time ... Seramnya ....

My hubby, sister & I went to the hospital at 9 a.m. Being warded for a night, I went into labour at 9 a.m in the next day. My mom keeps calling, " Dah bersalin ke ? ". Adam was born at 11.15 a.m via caesarean section.

I was injected with a pain killer just before they knew that they need to do an emergency section on me. Being half-buis, in the operation theater, I can see and feel the two specialist are digging into my stomach. Nampak gunting and such .... bersih memula, but then berdarah. The pain can't be explained here... I was given a small amount of gas to make me sleepy. I miss the part where Adam was taken out from my womb also when the doc cut the cord. Ruginya .... huhuhuhu .... I miss the best part!

All I knew was, I ask the mid wife whether it's a boy or a girl.... I can see the bird and the face before fall asleep again.

When I woke up, I was shaking for several hours... as the operation theater was very cold. Is it because of the aircond or its normal to new mama like me? A very old pakcik was in the bed next to me, n he keeps saying " Sakit misi, sakit misi ". Hm ... kesian jugak.

Syukur Alhamdullillah. Mama n baby both selamat. Syukur juga apabila mengetahui baby itu sihat dan cukup sifat. Alhamdulillah....

Syukur dengan nikmatNya.

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