Result Of Magic English

Kami on and off tengok Magic English. Next week, mama nak recap balik dengan Magic English. Start from cd 1 to 26. Satu cd untuk satu minggu, should be good enough. Nak habiskan semua cd. Then, boleh la fikir2 untuk beli cd lain.... ngeh3

1 HELLO :Greeting friends, naming objects
2 FAMILY :Relations among family members
3 FRIENDS :Playing together, understanding others
4 HAPPY HOUSE :Feeling secure at home
5 ANIMAL FRIENDS :Relations people have with animals
6 IT'S DELICIOUS :Food and eating habits - done**
7 HAPPY BIRTHDAY :Birthday parties, age
8 TICK TOCK TIME :Telling time, time-related activities
9 NIGHT AND DAY :Describing night and day activities - done**
10 LET'S PLAY :Sports, competitions, winning, losing
11 NUMBERS :Quantities, passage of time - rosak! Huuuuu
12 AT HOME :Home activities
13 MY BODY :Parts of the body and their functions
14 PARTY TIME :Preparing for parties, inviting friends
15 COOKING :Baking, ingredients, measures
16 THE FOREST :Adventure into the unknown - done**
17 THE SEA :On the beach, at sea, underwater wonders
18 LET'S TRAVEL :Traveling, asking directions
19 COLOURS :Description
20 WILD ANIMALS :Exotic and wild animals, circus - done
21 FUNNY FACES :Facial expressions, sense, emotions - done
22 COUNTRY LIFE :Outdoor life and its pleasures - done
23 MUSIC :Instruments and joys of music - done
24 MOUNTAINS :Nature - done
25 CHANGING SEASONS :Seasons and holidays
26 FAIRYLAND :Dreaming, fantasy, imagination, wishing - done

- done = Adam boleh guna semua vocab yang digunakan. Maybe mama boleh go through the cd dulu and prepare to do some activities guna material / terms from the cd. 
- done** = Adam ikut act dalam cd tuh.

Kesiannya, sbb mama just continue aje. Masa Adam baby, mama on and off sebab Adam tak minat sangat. Sejak besar ni, start ngan cd 20 jerk.

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