Different People, Different View

I am my child's first teacher. Someone said to me, why bother untuk ajar anak. Cukup la hantar ke sekolah. Hm... Different people have different point of views. Not that i have no answer to explain, but, i just don't bother. 

Research indicates that introducing reading, language and math skills in the toddler years may make school success come MORE easily for years to come. The foundation, base, yang kuat sebelum masuk sekolah.

Toddler means until 4 years old. So, all i have is only SETAHUN sahaja lagi. I know that i'm wasting my precious times sebab i don't have proper silibus etc, but i do believe everything we do together can be classified as toddler education. 

It's not that my child has to duduk mengadap buku 24 hours. 15 minutes a day is good enough. Even 5 minutes is OK, as long as we're happy. Bila happy, i know the effect will be great. Simpan terus dalam memory. So, walaupun tak proper, we are happy together. And, i know that we're doing great. It's not on the hours etc, but on the impact. 

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