Too lazy to start ....

I have all the tools i need for our class, dear but mama too lazy to write it down. The planning was real great but the application wasn't good at all. Hahaha... jangan marah dear, we still learning something everyday although it wasn't on track at all. Huuu.... You're a big boy now, and i send you to a good school -> macam nak lepas tanggungjawab je :P

Actually Adam dah belajar counting 1 - 100. But i wasn't sure keberkesanannya. All i know is, he can count up to 10 now, at the age of 2. Maybe kalo mama rajin, lagi awal Adam bleh start counting.

Selain ultraman, kamen rider, power rangers ngan macam2 lagi, Adam plays with books everyday. He'll pick any book he like, for many purpose - to read, to do colouring, tampal menampal, and even to play. So, in term of membudayakan buku in his life, i think i've made it. Cuma perlu guide dia dengan lebih lagi (which i haven't done any in about a year, oppsss more than a year! Gosh!!!). Mama banyak mengelat. Bukan sayang.... mama cuma MALAS. Tapi mama janji, akan start balik our reading class.