Update from last wish list of words...

Oppsss... tomorrow genap la 7 days from my last wish list of words to teach Adam. Apa resultnya? The result is, i did nothing. Very busy and lazy during the weekends, and during the weekdays, Adam goes to sleep as early as 8 pm. Huh? So, nothing much to do.... but here is the report.

From the list :
  • sit down
  • stand up
  • sleeping
  • wake up
  • thank you
  • welcome
  • doa
Adam now knows to tadah tangan during doa makan. Hehehe.... tapi, belum habis mama recite my doa, dia dh start makan ;P

For sit down, stand up, thank you - i use the words every day. Don't know whether he understands it yet.

For sleeping, wake up and welcome - i never use the words yet. Hurry up mama..... hurry up... more words to teach la.

Haaa..... new words that Adam knows :

  • biscuits
whenever mama asks " Adam, do you want some biscuits ? " , automatically he'll raise up his hand and says hmm hmm.... and sometimes, he'll asking for some, without me offering first. Pandai anak mama...

  • cat
Adam dah kenal cat. Nampak cat, dia actually pronounce it correctly " CAT " with the "T".

  • Adam
when we ask, " Siapa nama Adam? ", dia angkat tangan!!!! Yeay!!!

Although some babies can talk already at this age, i still think my baby is great. Slow and steady boy.... then we'll work out together to reach the top.

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