1st year celebration

Adam's birthday jatuh on 14 julai. But it's Tuesday... so, we postponed the celebration on Sunday, 19 july. Wahhh... baby happy giler... buka mata je, tgk ada banyak belon. X sia2 mama keluar beli barang etc the day before.

At first, kami plan nak wat barbeque.... ye la... first celebration. But then, pk punya pk... it's quite costly.... for ballons and other accesorries, dh almost hundred. Cake.. nearly hundred. Then utk barbeque.... ayam, udang, ketam and sotong..., my mum estimate dalam 3 hundred. Makkk aii.... almost rm 600. Not that we are kedekut, but i have other priorities that time =)

So, i switch to other plan.... masak nasi ayam, beli 2 ekor ayam golek, cake and satay.

.... and pergh.... sedap!!!! WOW! Till now my hubby keep saying that the nasi ayam was damn delicious. Puas hati :)

Makan sedap dan semua bergembira.

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